Verdict On Blue Wire Mod?

I did a search and found no real opinion on the blue wire mod. Has anyone tried it on a 01 WR 426 if so did it help?


This link points to the most technical description on the Grey and Blue wire mods.

post from the WR 250 forum

The short answer is the blue wire is from the neutral switch in front of the counter shaft sprocket. It only makes changes to the ignition curve when in neutral. What those changes are exactly I'm not sure. Read the all the info in the link and you will know more than me.

Haven't done it yet. But check out motoman393's website. It's got a good explanation of what the blue wire does. Basically, when the bike is in neutral, the amount of spark being sent to the plug is a bit retarted. Disconnecting the blue wire eliminates this and allows more spark when starting your bike. This is supposed to help the bike start a bit easier & helps prevent fouled plugs as well.

Did it to mine ! Never have any problems starting it 1st or 2nd kick every time. Don't really need to pull the hot start anymore.

I definately made a difference on my bike. I also changed the pilot jet from 45 to 42 at the same time so who knows which made it better, but it starts with much less force! Before I had to kick like hell with my MX boots only or suffer with a bruise later, afterwards I could start it with my Birkenstock sandals with an easy kick.

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