Airbox washing?

That approach won't work here. Too much fine dust, especially in the deserts. The only hope of keeping it out is to have the filters thoroughly oiled all the way through with an aggressive filter oil. To see it you would swear you couldn't grind rocks into that fine a powder. The stuff hangs in the air like smoke, and weighs next to nothing. Not so bad on a well groomed track of course, but....





Yea the dust out here can get pretty yucky. Even after a shower the dirt/dust is still blowing out of my nose :thumbsup: Too bad I wasn't a faster rider then I could be the leader or closer up front on some of these rides. Cover the air boot up and rinse out the airbox with simple green and let it dry!

i take the whole sub frame off and wash it out periodically. make sure its dry before you put it back on. i definately get some dirt and dust in the box area, not in the boot. its very dusty in the midwest during the summertime.

same here!! spray in down with simple green and blast all the dirt or whatever off and keep it nice and clean!! I dont know why someone wouldnt but some people dont keep there bikes as clean as others?? I also spray a little shot of WD40 or something close to that thru the boot...just enough to coat the rubber with some oil on the incase some dirt gets thru. Prolly doesnt do alot but i have seen a few little specs here and there in it but kinda just something i do for a little extra help. Id do anything i can to ensure dirt doesnt go thru the carb into the engine.

I use K&N spray oil on my filters so it dosent ever leak off. i can use one can all year long and not run out. I wipe out my airbox with one of the hundred cleaners my dad has with a shop towel, and when it gets pretty dirty i pull the whole box off and powerwash...

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