New 426 owner, questions

we just picked up a 2001 426 as a trade for a car. The bike seems to be in really nice shape. New oil, air filter is all clean and oiled up, and the airbox is spotless. Coolant looks real good too. I am a KTM guy, so the Yami's are a little new to me. I have the manual for it, how do you check/adjust the timing chain tension? I will also be doing the valves as well. But it starts on the first kick and has a ton of compression

The timing chain tension is completely automatic on the YZF, and the tensioner is nearly foolproof. If you want to check it, put the engine against compression then take it forward up to TDC from there. It has to be on the compression stroke. Next remove only the center cap bolt from the tensioner (p. 4-21)(DON'T remove the tensioner), and insert a small screwdriver in the slot in the end of the center shaft (p. 4-24). Turn the shaft a half turn or so clockwise. You should feel spring tension, and it should turn smoothly. When you release it, it should snap back firmly to where it was. If it does that, it works.

Having said that, if the bike has never had the timing chain replaced, it's due. It's not a big, expensive job at all, and you can do it while you check/adjust the valves. Don't be too surprised if the valves don't need to be adjusted, though.

thanks for the info.

You're gonna love that 426!

While you have the chain off, for ~$110 you can get a 03 YZ450 cam with the automatic compression release mechanism.

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