Off the subject-Are there any mods forRaptor 660 .Power and acceleration are a real disappointment thanks in advanced . Ps mounten new radiator on wr426 .

i have ridden one with air box lid off and big gun pipe, it ripped,

Web cam makes a cam that wakes this bad boy up....

well by getting rid of that megga restrictive and heavy as muffler and jetting it right it should rock. this is rather cheap mod also you could go with a new cam and a new carby would also make it go well. Im not certain on what carbys are avaliable for them out there but this would do wonders for it but wont come cheap

just trade it in for seadoo bombardier ds650.i rode one a couple weeks ago.that thing was insanely fast.

or just keep the wr and smoke them both.... I did!

why would you want your lawnmower to go faster? :):D:D

just kidding

biglawn .

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