still eating plugs

hi there i posted a thread last week about my 426 goin through plugs like theres no tommorow :thumbsup: it really made me think when people responded saying things like " i get over a year on my plugs" wot the &%$#@! is goin on?? i need help im only getting around 6-8 hours from my plugs:foul: the only thing that is on my bike thats not a genuine part is the rear pipe it looks like it came off a super bike its a art race can could this be the spanner in my works?? help me please buying super moto wheels so i can use it in the summer for a bit of fun but i cant be arsed to carry tools to change the plug every 6 hours. cheers danny

try posting in the jetting section:excuseme: won't hurt, maybe they will have some other ideas.

when your plug goes bad and you take it out, is the tip covered in black?

not really it just looks normal??

Try the float needle seat. I'm not sure if you turn your gas off, or its after 6 hours of riding. I would like to see the plug (pictures?), if it's not black, is it wet? Float too high?

I'm not an expert, but if your plug comes out looking normal, chances are that it's fine and not buggered. When they are too rich the build-up of carbon on the insulator will cause it to overheat. Too lean and the tip of the plug and part of the piston will melt away. What is making you think your plugs are failing?

because it wont start even if i take it out and clean it?? so i put a new plug in and she fires straight up.

Danny, I posted a response for you in the jetting forum.


does it stop running or runs like crap? you change the plug when its hot and vroom?(the time it takes to change a plug it has already cooled down)

if so your cdi or coil may be taking a crap, when it gets hot those parts fail but work normal when cold

^ +1 to the coil...

try not changing the plug and let the bike cool, and see if it will start.



no its not like that it runs mint all day its when i come to it the next day it wont start once the bike is running it runs spot on all day but when its left over night there is no chance?

Needle seat or petcock.

My '02 WR 426 suddenly started not wanting to start and with a new plug it would fire right up--for a while anyway. Then the no start wasn't cured by a new plug and when I did get it going it would pop and backfire and bang in the exhaust. I found out that the stock CDI had given up and was running on a default, retarded timing setting. I reluctantly bought a Vortec X-10 CDI box and it cured the problem instanly with the added benefit of the incredible adjustable new CDI box that made the bike run like it was better than new. My experience with the info you have given so far. WR Dave.

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