Got an 03 WR450. Opinion on the 05 CR 450?

I've got an 03 WR450. I recall back when the Honda 2003 CR450s were having lots of valve problems. I have a chance to pick up a Honda 05 CR 450 for a good price. While not a WR, I know, do they still have valve issues or other things that should discourage me from picking it up?

Same question for the 2006 CR 450?

The red color for one thing. Why get a crf450? I was riding yesterday with my buddy that has a 05 crf450 and there is no difference in the power of the bikes. We ran down the road side by side do a cat walk in fourth shifting to fifth, and my '03 actually pulled his slightly. GO BLUE TEAM!!!

Why buy the Honda? Because of the price, and I need another bike now for a buddy coming to town to replace my other backup bike that has crapped out.

I'm not interested in which bike is faster--I just want a reliable back up and one for when a buddy comes to town.

You'd be better off asking that question in the Honda CRF forum!

I have a couple of buddies with the crf 450 and they don't seem to have any problems with them. They do have to check their valve clearances more often though i have been told, which isn't a big deal.

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