How many of you gents are from Utah?

Please post where you live and where you ride.

Looking for more riding buddies. How bout you?

I ride the San Rafael Swell and Moab as well as the single track along the Wasatch front.


I'm from South Ogden. Ride anywhere I can. I do get down to Moab now and then.

Went out to Knolls last week.

This time of year St. George area is sounding nice.

I am a recent member of OCA (Ogden Cycle Association).

Just starting to get into moto.

I am in Sandy, and I ride at least once a week. Just got back from Moab, oh what fun...

I do ride Five Mile, Knolls, Moab, Great Western Trail, Smith Moorehouse, Jerico, Timpanogas, Diamond Fork, Scofield and wherever the truck takes me.

I have met with other TT members on rides, so there are a few of us.

Bill -- I'm so jealous, next time you head out to Moab, send me an email -- I ride the big KTM 520. I rode with you and your friend at mi pass a while ago.

I wish I was out riding this weekend... but instead I'm heading up to Alta to do some skiing.

If you don't mind someone tagging along, let me know when your next ride is... love to come.

Eric Smith

Hey guys, I'll be out your way this weekend.........riding DaBinky Wells (I've never riden there, any info would be cool), and Bartletts Wash.

I case you guys cared (man, really wish we still had the rolling eyes gremlin).............


Dodger :):D


I'm in South Jordan and I ride an 02' WR 426F. I am still kinda new to Utah as I just moved here from Hawaii this past April (I miss that tacky red dirt back home). I've been to Tibble Fork, 5 Mile Pass, and over by the Salt Air (Putting Around). I am not much of a sand dune guy but I will ride anywhere else. I have been looking for a few new riding buddies as well.

My email addresses are:

I rode 5 Mile Pass today and boy was the weather nice. Hopefully some of us can hook up...................db

I live in Emery County, home of the San Rafael Swell and Manti National Forest. Southeastern Utah is a great place to ride.

Allinson, I think I been riding with you before. Hell ya I remember you, I kicked your ass at the last race? When you want to learn a little about riding call me and I will show you a thing or to. You do have my phone number dont ya? If not call dad and he will give it to ya. Later bro, you know its your little brother giving you sh!t. :):D

R1superstar, I live in Riverton right next to ya. Im allways looking for someone to ride with. Just pm me and we can get together and do some awsome riding. :)


Any interest in 5mi pass Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving? If the weather holds of course. Email me at or call my cell at 836-5246. I live in Lehi and can be there anytime in about 15 minutes.

im in farmington, live right at the bottom of the canyon. dont usually go too far, 5 mile pass, knolls, and the local canyons. did make it out to cainville last week, wicked.

Hey Guys,

I am in West Jordan. I ride wherever the fun is.

Stansbury Front

Cherry Creek

5-mile Pass



I am up for 5-mile on Friday!

Anyone else?

World's fastest TT 350 pilot

tigerowner_ut and I are going to ride 5 mi pass today at 1:30pm. Any of you other gents who are interested give me a call on my cell at 836-5246. I'll be driving a white Dodge pulling a small trailer with a KTM in the back. We'll be meeting at the main enterance in the north parking lot.

Come join us. Maybe we can get a Thumpertalk group riding!

- Eric Smith

Sorry Eric, :)

We are planning another ride on the first weekend in March. I will give you a call before we head out. We are looking to head down to Jerico in two weeks for a day. Most likely head down on Monday morning for a day. If you can make it great. Let me know.... :grin

Had to rotate the oil today around the neighborhood, I think I am going through withdrawls. Friend of mine went to the dunes today and they are already bugging me about it.

I think with all of the TTer's in Utah we need to put together a ride somewhere. Any thoughts from other riders?

I'd be interested in a ride with you Utah guys. A Saturday ride would be the best for me as I would be driving from Boise.

Is the ride open to those that do not own a Thumper? Hell, I have a Yamaha, how much more can you guys ask for??? Yes, I will bring my own oil.

pedman, I'd be interested in riding Jerico with you. I'm guessing you're talking about Monday, December 9th. Point me in the right direction and I can meet you there. I rode the Buzzard's race in that area a couple of months ago. I might have some friends (if you're out there watching... Dave, Mike...) tag along if that's O.K.

Let me see what I can put together this weekend. The weather is the ugly thing that I worry about. Dec. 9th is the day that we are targeting right now. I will let everyone know for sure as we get closer. I have to go to Boise next week for three days, but I am leaving the bike home, all business right now. Once I get back I'll have a good idea of where we can all meet.

I am glad to see all of the replies and definately we need to get the Utah Chapter TTer's going and get out for some good fun. :)

I'll keep you all posted.

I may be game for another ride. Keep posting updates.

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