How many of you gents are from Utah?

Just found this thread, nice to know there are others local. I live in Clinton, UT and ride a 2000 WR400. I ran out of riding partners so am definatley interested in putting something together. As with r1superstar I am not all that into the dunes, but will do them. I am more into mountain, single-track, 2-track, & desert. Let me know when you put something together.


Bill. Still planning a ride at Jericho on Monday? I have a couple of people who might be able to come also.

- Eric

Yes, I am still working on this. I should know more by tomorrow night. Sorry for the last minute thing.

Jericho may or may not happen, if we bail on Jericho it would probably be either Five Mile or Knolls.

5 mi pass is conveniently close to my house. Knolls would be fun also. Thanks for keeping me posted.


Hey Bill... the bike's been oiled and I think I've roosted everyones front lawn. Hope the rides still on for somewhere. If nothing else, 5mi pass would work out throttle twisting needs. My cell is 836-5246.

If you're out there Dave... and you're insterested. Let's do a ride. I've been trying to put something together with Bill. Might be 5mi pass or the Knolls. Monday afternoon is supposed to be the warmest day this week at 48 degrees.

:) We are planning on a 8:00am departure from Sandy and we are headed to Cherry Creek, by Jericho. At this time I do know of about 5 people going, and it is changing every minute. :D I honestly do not know where we will be, but I can say we will be on the outside of the park. We will be in a Chevy 2500HD Dark Green, but I am thinking that I may be in my White Expedition too.

I 've got your number and will give you a call later about 7:30pm. I should know just about everything then. If you know of a good meeting spot down there let me know.

Talk to you soon.... :D

Sorry guys, I won't be attending this trip. Mondays are bad for me. Have fun!

If the weather holds... Anyone interestd in riding 5mi pass next week Friday or Saturday? December 20 or 21st? Send me an email at

By the way, last week's ride at Jericho was fantastic. We rode the trails at Cherry Creek. Unbelievable warm weather for December. I could ride those trails over and over and over...

Sorry Eric, This pains me, but I am committed both days.

However I am still thinking of a ride back to Cherry Creek and Little Sahara during the Christmas break if this weather holds out. :)

Bill, I'll ride with you whenever you decide to go ride Cherry Creek again. That was great fun. Keep me posted when you finalize your plans.

Bill - Christmas is bringing a new rear tire and a trailtech enduro computer... can't wait to ride again. Any plans over the holidays? I checked the weather, it'll be around 40 degrees at Cherry Creek for the next week. Warm enough for me. Let me know if you're interested and what your schedule looks like. I may not be online often during the holidays so call me on my cell at 836-5246.

- Eric.

MrMoto, Hope you get this before the Holidays....

Schedule puts us at Little Sahara on the 26th :) This time we will plan on going in the park and paying the fee this time :D

I'll watch the post, but I will plan on calling you on the 24th just in case. :D

Anyone out there want to ride 5 mi pass tomorrow. Weatherman says 44 degrees with a possibility of light rain late in the afternoon. Maybe 11:00am until we get tired. Reply here or give me a call if you're interested 836-5246.

- Eric


I was just talking about it. Were trying to head out by 11:00am. I'll look for your in the main parking lot.... :)

:D Count me in! Let's keep this thread going because I desperately need to get out riding. It's been a while because I havn't had anyone to go with for a long time. Sunday is the best day for me, but any will do as long as I have a couple of days notice.

My e-mail is

My cell # is 556-8082. Call any time!

Happy new year! My new year's resolution for 2003 is to get out riding more than 5 times this year. Let's make it happen every weekend! Rock on!

Chris :)

Weather looks pretty good tomorrow... Any riding plans? Buzz me on my cell at 836-5246 if you're putting together a ride anytime soon.

- Eric

I am in Draper. Ride most everywhere in Utah. The coolest place to go now is down to St. George for the weekend. Endless trails, cool dunes and warmer weather! You can stop by the St. George BLM office and they will show you all of the cool places to take your bike, and they are open on Saturdays.


Hey Blackie,

Scott is still smiling :) today, he can not wait to get out and ride. I hope to ride with you sometime in the future. I try to let every one know the schedule with some advance notice.

Take Care :D

Hey Bill, got your message on Saturday. Hope you had a good ride. I'd sure like to get back out to Cherry Creek as soon as the weather is good enough. Let's ride soon.

- Eric

Alright gents!! Let's get it together. We need to plan a Thumpertalk gathering Utah style. Any ideas?? LMK.............db

330-7886 danny :)

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