How many of you gents are from Utah?

Mine might be yellow, but don't leave me out of the ride. I'm out of luck for a couple of weekends, but by the beginning of Feb I'm back in the game. If someone is keeping a list, drop me a PM.

Anyone interested in riding 5 mi pass on Friday afternoon? Forecast says 50 degrees and sunny :)! (Saturday looks like rain :D ) Drop me a PM and we'll go riding.

- Eric

I would be interested!!!! We rode 5 mile today ("blackie" and I). It was REALLY GOOD! Dirt was tacky, and not too much water. What about Sunday?? Anyways, give me a call 330-7886 Danny. Friday sounds good to me..................db

Just noticed your message. Sunday doesn't work for me. I'm thinking around 1:00 or 2:00pm on Friday afternoon and just keep riding until we're tired or it's too dark... I'll call you tomorrow to confirm.

Anybody else out there?????????? Everyone's welcome to come.

I could make it out later in the afternoon on Friday. Probably 3:00. Like Danny was saying, the riding was awesome today. Had a blast. I would like to go again before it storms on Sunday.


blackie - Danny and I are going to start riding at 2:00pm Friday... If you'd like, we can meet you in the main parking lot (either side of the road) at 3:00pm. Let us know either way. Hope you can make it.

- Eric

Blackie, you must not be married or not work, How do you get away with riding so much? What's you secret? Several of us are going to be at White wash this weekend if anyone is up for it.

I'm interested in going. How long is the drive?? LMK..............db

Its about 2.5 to 3hrs from utah valley.

I'm itching to ride the 10-mile and White wash area. Too bad this weekend is my daughter's birthday. It's a long drive for me, but I'm hoping to make it with UTMA in May. Let me know when a ride is happening in that area and maybe I could head that way for the weekend.

blackie - Danny's bailed out... Can you still make it to 5 mi pass around 3:00pm on Friday? I'm still up for a couple hours of riding. I'll watch for your reply or give me a call on my cell at 836-5246.

- Eric

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