carby overflow tubes. water Xing

When i go through deep & long creek crossings the bike -wr400 99- stops.

I remember reading somewhere here that T pieces have to be used on some of the carby overflow tubes.

Can anybody tell me which tubes & how it is done.

Thanks in advance.

Had the same problem with my 426, on each side of the carby there are two hoses that come out from the same points, take the two that point upwards and zip tye them to the frame underneath the tank this fixes the problem.

PC Racing makes the kit. It has 4 "T's". and a small box that you put in the air box, but just find 2 "T's", and put them on the top 2 hoses commoing off the carb. also, re-route your crank breather to a higher place. If you have to try to re start your bike and the end of the breather tube is under water, you supposedly will suck in water.

You WILL suck H20 into your top end...I did it and have damaged my cylinder~! :)

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