CBR wheels on XR600

Just fitted some CBR 600 F3 wheels to my 1998 XR 600 R. I've kept the cush drive by making an aluminium ring to fit a 47mm X 17mm X 14mm bearing, I forgot the bearing number but it's the same size that is used for the brake disc side and front wheel. The original bearing is 56x17x19 and has a spacer built into it. I removed the studs from the cush drive and made some bolts. The thread is 12mm by 1,25 pitch. The standard M12 bolts have a 1.75 pitch. I faced of the head of the bolts so that it doesn't touch the lip that is on the inside of the swingarm. I also ground the lip down to give a bit more clearance. I had the brake disc side of the rear wheel machined 8mm and the cush drive side 30mm in the milling machine at work. I put a 1 1/2mm spacer on the rear brake disc side and made a 6mm spacer out of stainless steel on my lathe for the other side. That's the rear done :thumbsup:

Bike as I bought it:


With the new wheels on it:


I then added the shorter supermoto front mudguard:


The rear tyre is a michelin pilot power 150/60/17 that is fitted to the F3 5" rear wheel and doesn't touch the chain. The front tyre is the original michelin macadam that came with the wheel and both discs. I'm going to get a pilot power for the front but just want to get it going now!! I have shortened the chain by a couple of links but have yet to make a support for the front brake caliper. I'm still deciding what to do for the front. I have a Talon brake caliper bracket for a 320mm disc but the discs of the CBR are 296mm. I can make a bracket at work or I can drill and tap an 8mm hole in the talon bracket that will move the caliper in.



I'm looking forward to getting it done and take some photo's of it outside. Got a few more things to add, waiting for my CR forks, got a 200w stator and I'm going to get new side panels and cr rear fender and LED tail light. I'll write more details when I have the time and I have some more photos of the cush drive on my other PC.


Looks great , I'm in the process of building my 650L into a sumo hooligan streetfighter right now as well.

Did you weigh those wheels vs stockers??? I know ive read alot about using them but they sure look really heavy vs stock wheels.

Nice work, looks good!:thumbsup:

Thanks guys

I didn´t weigh the wheels Denn10 but when I was carrying the stock rear wheel to my flat, it didn´t seem as heavy as the CBR wheel!!

I´ve got a 42 teeth rear sprocket and the standard 14 front and I´m going to see how it goes like that then try a 15 front.

Cush drive with bearing and ring that I made;




I left the bearings in the cbr front wheel, which are 20mm and made spacers that reduced the inside diameter to 17mm for the XR axle. I had the bearings to use but decided to try that first. Going to try and make a start on the front brake caliper bracket tomorrow.

for the front brake on my xr 650r i machined the area where the rotor mounts down to fit the caliper and then an extra 1/4" then made an adapter out of 1/4 stock. you can use just the adapter for the 320 kit to figure where the rotor needs to be. mine is tight because there is extra material in even with where the pads mount.

the f2/3 wheels weigh 49lbs for front and rear with no sprockets or rotors. my other motard wheels weigh one pound more (rad hex hubs and behr rims hd spokes) nice not to have tubes

We found the rear drive bolts unavailable also .If you consider a1/2 -20 and retap holes this will also work using a flathead style bolt .

A 20 pitch thead has .050 pitch per thread .A 1.25mm pitch has .0492 and a dia. of .472

this will allow a good full thread at 1/2"dia.and a new thread so close to the old one it will be all golden.

I expect the CBR wheels to be heavier as they are wider..... but the tyre choice/grip more than offsets the extra weight for tarmac use IMHO

The Supermoto guys swear they are heavier than spoked Sumo wheels.

not heavier than rad hex hubs with behr rims. basically the same. used digital bathroom scale with me and both rims. tubes in spoked wheels but they are radial tube witch are light. dunlop 207 on f2 wheels and metzler drift slicks on spoked wheels.

Looks good. Now you just need a CBR600 engine to match. :thumbsup:


Does anyone know where I can purchase wheel bearings. I needed 50mm by 20mm bearings for converting a GS500E rear wheel to SM wheels for my 97 YZ250. Or for that matter, spacers to reduce the current bearing down from 22mm to 20mm. Thanks for any help with this.

I'm new to the forum and love all the great info. I'm currently looking for F3 wheels to do this conversion to my 1997 XR600. I have a few questions for anyone. Is the CBR125 front wheel a good candidate for a conversion, it only has a single rotor? Draw back maybe that the rim may not except a wider tire. Also why do some weld the cush drive? It makes more since to do it like described above. I also missed a set of CR500 forks on ebay by 1$. I love/hate that place.

Love that CBR F2/3 look. It is my goal. Any notes or photos are appreciated.

I've just been reading through the different threads already posted. I just purchased a rear wheel and currently looking for the front. My Dad is a machinist so no problems there. I'll post my progress once I get started. It could be awhile I have to put a new rough on the house.

seems like F2 wheel would be bettter choice for the rear. It is 4.5" vs. the F3's 5.0. So should be a bit lighter and will fit 150-160 tire good. You can get em on ebay for nothing.

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