Vortex igniton and different maps

I could get a Vortex CDI from 2006 yz450f, but the thing is that I have 2007 model. I asked Vortex HQ about it and they said that there are differences between maps programmed for these years.

Maybe there is somebody who has put "wrong" year Vortex on their bike. If there is, then please tell if it did any good.

In 2007 I think the timing of the camshafts was modified a bit. I guess this is the place where difference comes from.

The cam timing is a little different on an '07.

Check with Vortex and see if they can reprogram the firmware of the '06 box or not. Might be a low cost approach.

They can, but if I include 2x shipping + reprogramming ( heard it is 100$) , then it might not come much cheaper then a new one and that`s too much.

I guess I have to let it go :thumbsup:

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