Trail Tech computer set up

I just picked up a new Panoram trail tech computer. I am trying to set it up with the proper wheel size info. I am running the stock Dunlop 739 tire up front. What is the proper wheele setting info for this tire.

I set mine at 2105.......and have had no issues with accuracy :)

:) you could do this with a piece of chalk and flat ground, roll the bike so's the valve is at the bottom, chalk the ground, roll the bike so that you do 1 full revolution and the valve is again on the ground, chalk, now measure the distance between the two chalk marks, and voila your rolling circumference :D

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easy mate,

ive had one of them panoramas for about eight months now, at first i found it to be a novalty now its a bit of a pain having to reprogram it so much. maybe i am doing somthing wrong but i dont seem to take much notice of it anymore. also the screen on mine has cracked has anyone else had this problam the only thing i can think of is that i have splashed some juice on it, would this crack plastic???? andy...

:) Hello Andy, How's it going, Did you have a good ride when we saw you at the dam?

Panoram, it seems people either love or hate em!

I thought the newer ones had scratch resistant screens etc, it probably you being rough! LOL :D:D

hi guy, you are probably right guy it will be me been to rough. how's your new wheels mate, i am getting mine in about 2 to 3 weeks from stickys so if you dont mind ill give you a shout for a bit of advice you know tires and things as i be a bit green on things like that. checked the valve clearense today and they were all in tolarance, they always have been since ive had it, have you ever had to mess about with yours? as the manual makes a big thing about them. keep upright kid


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