New YZ450f Owner, few questions

It's my first bike and I've been lurking here for while. The bike is already fast enough (if not too fast) so my goal is not to make it any faster, just to run like it's new.

It's an '05. I bought a Scotts Oil filter, but I just changed the oil with a paper filter so I'm gonna ride it a couple more times before I change the oil to install the new filter.

I bought a Regina ORN6 chain yesterday, but I'm at a loss which is the best sprockets to buy. I like the Renthal twinring (sounds like a good idea) but they're kinda pricey, what do you all think? The bike is bone stock and the original sprockets look fine to me but everyone says to replace them as a set. I don't mind spending the money but I wanna get the most durable ones. Also, what's the best tool to use to get that darned master clip off? I wanna be able to reuse it for a spare if I need to.

I'm also thinking about getting some radiator guard/braces, any ideas?

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. I don't race and don't intend to in the near future. I ride in Hawaii right now, mostly trail riding. So raceability isn't an issue. Thanks for all your help.

ironman sprockets have a good name...good durability. keep at the master link with a slot screwdriver and push the clip away and back from the pin.

best tool for the link is a large flat blade screw driver and the palm of your hand, smack it like a man it will come loose. Just make sure it doesnt go flying or you will be on your knees in the garage for a little while(speaking from experience on that one):thumbsup:

Check ebay for radiator guards. I got a set of Roosters for about $50 shipped. Fit and finish is very nice and the price is right.

As far as the master clip goes, I just used a screwdriver and tapped it until it was free. I also picked up the same chain as you, but my sprockets only have 3 or 4 rides on them so I left them alone.

Have any of you had any issues with the bike overheating with the radiator guards. I know the bike is made to go really freakin fast, and I'm just not that fast yet, but I wanna be able to trail ride (it's rutted and muddy as hell here in Hawaii) so I'm kinda worried about overheating if I'm not going WFO.

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