Did you notice....

The Hondas already have the '03s posted. And will be ready in July! The suspence for the Yamahas is killing me.

thats probly coz honda have gone with the bng approach. Bold New Graphics

it's about mindshare... getting people to think about the Honda, and if the salesmen are good, to get the punters to put down a deposit...

There is a topic over on the WR/YZ250F board at the moment, "Sell your bike CRF230 is released"... sure doesn't get any of my mind, but the Honda factory reckon they have something worth selling, so they want to get it out there and get some orders, because when the New yamahas come out, you are going to be getting deep discounts on the Hondas... :):D


That "new" CRF 230 is really just a XR200 bumped up to 230 and just has new plastic...even the Honda guys are complaining.

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