Replacing Rear Break Pads

I know there is a way to replace the rear brake pads without taking the rear wheel off. There was a post telling how to do this, but I can't find it anywhere. Can someone tell me how to do it again. I would appreciate it.

Its really very easy.

Just take the brake pin out, grab a screw driver (long flat blade) and push it in between the outer pad and the rotor as far as you can. Pry the screwdriver outward (from the wheel) and this will push the piston back into the caliper.

Then take the old pads out. (they may fall out) and put your new ones in makeing sure the tabs line up in the grooves.

Then put the pin back in and pump the brake lever a few times to pump the piston back out agianst the pads.


Yup, I just did mine this week. I pulled the pins, dropped both pads out and pryed the piston back in with a flat screw driver against the rotor, it dose not take much pressue to push the piston back in. I scrapped the squeel plates and used some disk brake quite spray on the back of the pads. It requires some dextarity to push the brake pads up into the spring clip on the caliper to get the pin back in, a bit of white lithium grease on the pins is a good idea. Check the pins for wear, you can rotate the pins a bit sometiems if they show weare and get another few rides out of them while you order new pins. I have not had to replace my pins yet so they look like nice hard pins.

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