Pics of Bent Rim

Attached are some pics of the slight bend to my front rim. Please take a look and let me know if it is anything to worry about. The straight in bend is between the tape marks. The rim is not bent laterally. Seems I may have hit something straight on.

Thanks for your opinion.

IMO, that's nothing to worry about.

In fact, my 400 has a bigger dent in the front rim, and I've been racing with it for quite a while with no problems.

wow i couldnt really see anything.. i have buddies riding on rims more screwed up then that.

doesnt look bad.

I agree with Markopolo, this is not a major issue at all. If you did change your rim you would not notice any difference. Also looking at your picture, I see the tyre is compensating for some or all of the dent. If you spin the wheel I doubt you will see any major deflection in the tyre.

Bottom line, leave it alone.

Agreed. There just isn't enough there to worry about. You probably hit a root or rock straight on at speed and did that.

Completely normal thing to happen...Doesn't look bad...

But if there is easily noticable wobble in it while spun on the stand, then I'd be slightly more concerned...

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