jetting yz-timed 426 at sea level

Surprisingly, there is not a lot of TTer who posted their specs on the subjet in the database so I thought I would ask (yz-timed 426 at sea level up to 1000', 50° to 90°):thumbsup:

Here is what I had and what I'm about to try this season... let me know what you think or what you have done to yours

Last year:

170mj, 200maj, OBDQR #3, 42pj, 75paj, 1 1/2 out on the zip ty fuel screw.

ACV enabled, acc pump all stock except that the squirt was adjusted to shoot just right when the slide is out of the way. No BK.

Result: Bike runs great, starts easy... but still the big off-idle bog when I hit on the throttle (can not be cured by increasing the needle height).

Here is what I settled for the new season

168mj, 200maj, OBEJP #3, 42pj, 100paj, 1 1/2 turn out, ACV disabled by plugging all passages, acc pump o'ring mod.

This way, the carburet is settled like a stock YZ426 except for the main jet (168 vs 162stock) and for the o'ring mod.

What do you say?

Thanks for any advise.:thumbsup:

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