TT burnout: newbie reply

Hi guys,

I've been reading all the posts under the topic TT burnout. What a disappointment to me :D. I mean I've been totally surprised to see how you guys are tired of motorcycle talks. Let me explain:

I've discovered this site because the guy from who I purchsed my bike suggested me to visit TT to get infos. When I joined in, I was so excited to talk about my new bike with guys that also own WRs and guys that are more experienced that I quickly started posting on topics that interested me and that add not been discussed recently (at that time). I started to use the search tool in the same week but not the first time :D. I think it is just a normal reflex to try to get in touch with these peoples you wish to meet :) before operating technical search.

I was anyway sorry to learn that the result of my excitement and "normal reflex" could be the cause for your burnout.

Then at the end, I told myself that if any topic started by a newbie with good intent has already been discussed, the only thing to do is exactly what has been done today for the post on the free mods posted by Wetfoot (with a nickname like his I think this guy needs some help :D) i.e. giving him the welcome, suggest him to try the search button, invite him to post again and that's all. I think that blasting at newbie posts is not good at all for this forum.

Anyway the search button is not that great. Before asking for a good enduro jacket, I searched but ended with posts of guys talking about their nipples!! Not exactly what I was looking for... (and I'm sure that it has nothing to do with my skills on a computer)

Finally, I can't keep myself of saying that many of the posts in the first burnout topic seemed to me to be written by old timers remembering guys who left, tired of posting, bored of their jobs, what a lazy feeling! Come on! Where are the angry blue beast riders!!?? :D :D?!! I thought I was joining a club of enduro freaks that were always at planning a ride,ready to share their experience, good advises...making jokes, tellin' stories

That's why I came to think some of you might just be tired of motorcycling.

Hope that will make you react :D

Math :D

Math, First let me welcome you to TT. Don't take the TT burnout thread too much to heart. There are lots of guys that will for sure help you out. I use the search when ever I can just to see if I am missing something that was already talked about.

As for talking about the TT old timers. If you take note, they are all still posting even though they are "burnt out".

If you are still looking for a good jacket Thor makes a couple of good ones. I have the lower end and am very happy with it. A buddy of mine has the next one up and it even has a zip out fleece vest.

Back to the burnout. I was looking at TT for about a year before I registered. I am glad I did. Sometimes the posts do get a little stale but remember all of us here are here to help when we can. :)


Thanks for the welcome and for the tips on the choice of a jacket.

I didn't mean to say anything against the guys I friendly called "the old timers" :D of TT. Hey, experienced riders advises was exactly what I was looking for when I registered.

I was trying to shake the house a little because they don't seem to realize how helpful their participation to this site is to newbies.

As I'm not an anglophone, I hope nobody feels something aggressive in what I wrote. :D

I am conscient that guys are there to help, I hope I'll be able to give a little help back to anybody and I hope everything will keep on like this for a long time :)



Math, welcome. :D

Tired of motorcycling? Not even on the worst day. :)

I'm sure there is not one amongst us who does not recall our original zest when we were newbies ourselves. There is a natural progression that occurs from being a timid onlooker and then becoming very interested and finally bursting our own presence upon the forum and flooding it with our new found enthusiasm.

There is also, however, a very natural phenomenon which occurs after a period of time of "living" in the virtual world of online discussion sites. It effects some differently than others and you will experience it one day too. I don't know if burnout is necessarily the right word, but it is close enough of a descriptive word to apply.

Tired of motorcycling??? Not even on the very worst day. No, as edareus has pointed out, love of dirtbiking is what keeps us all coming back. And despite any of the various attitudes and reactions that you may observe, this is the best technical site around and help is always close by.

You are here now. And although somewhat of a "freshman" you are as much responsible for what TT is as those with longer tenure. Please, feel free to share your enthusiasm with the rest of us and we will gladly divulge what we know. We still live to ride dirtbikes just like you do.

Who knows, one day you might be the "senior" who is feeling a bit restless and ornery and decide to pick on a newer "freshman" or perhaps mourn the passing of "the good old days". :D

Also, keep in mind that when we are discussing dirtbiking it is because we are not actually out there riding our bikes. Some days, the anticipation of getting back out there is accompanied by lively enthusiasm. Some days, it is just too much to bear. :D


Welcome to Thumper Talk. We may gripe sometimes but we all love one thing.....Thumpers! Keep on putting up your posts and ask questions. This board has helped me immensely with technical questions for my YZ 426F. I have made some life long friends here and even shed a lot of tears over a lost member. Again, WELCOME!! :)


Welcome to Thumper Talk. We may gripe sometimes but we all love one thing.....Thumpers! Keep on putting up your posts and ask questions. This board has helped me immensely with technical questions for my YZ 426F. I have made some life long friends here and even shed a lot of tears over a lost member. Again, WELCOME!! :D

Bill :)

I'd say Wetfoot received great responses for his first post. A little advice, some reminders of the search function, and a welcome from one of the owners of TT.

I think the influx of new members is always positive for any club (kind of like what TT is to me).

Riding any of my bikes is my remedy for my work/life burnout. There have been some days when I've been a bit disappointed in the lack of or the quality of the recent threads. I suppose thats why I only reply to those I feel are worthy, rather than throwing out one line wonders at any or all. Those one liners would help my post count though.LOL

War stories are what keep old soldiers young, so you can't knock the TT Vets for reminiscing.

I guess I've never sat in front of a computer long enough to get burned out on it.

So to the TT brethren with burnout, snap out of it guys. And to the TT newbies, welcome aboard your just a few quality posts away from the next level of membership.

And to you TROLLS, take it elsewhere.

As I'm not an anglophone, I hope nobody feels something aggressive in what I wrote.

Math - don't worry about your English - it is infinitely better than my French! :D

T-Talk is a great source of info and entertainment, frequented by the best group of enthusiasts on the net. Don't ever hesitate to ask whatever, or comment as you see fit, and if the English words escape you at the time then give it to us en Francais, someone will figure it out.

BTW - how's the riding out your way? I hear that la belle provence is probably one of the most off-road friendly places in North America, but I suppose you're looking out the window at snow right now, same as here. :) Hope you've got a sled for the long months ahead.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Math,Welcome!!.. and don't worry about he crotchety ones, they are everywhere, just have more balls behind a screen.. there are plenty of people who will help, don't be discouraged! :)


I have to confess that I often have problems in reading expressions like "BTW" ("by the way" I guess)...

The one that caused me a lot of trouble was :" just my 0,02"

I'm still trying to figure out what L.O.L means...

I 've never had a ride outside the Québec province but it is quite fun here. We usually start the party in april in the snowmobile provincial tracks :D(snow is compacted by the several passages of the snowmobiles so we are able to ride on it in the spring) and it usually ends during october or november because of snow accumulations.

Anyway, I've been riding yesterday :D! We had a sunny day and a great -6 celsius degrees! I then put the bike in the basement for the winter. Today, it's been snowing all day long.

The region where I live is great for trail riding. We are trying to create riders associations because a lot of trails are on private properties and a lot of riders are real trouble makers: riding through field :D, lot of noise :), etc.

Anyway, we have a lot of fun during the summer. Whenever you would like to give it a try, e-mail me!

Math :D

I'm still trying to figure out what L.O.L means...

Laugh out loud

ROFL: Roll on floor laughing

ROFLMAO: roll on floor laughing my A$$ off.

Many derivatives of those.

Others include:

HTH - Hope That Helps

FYI - For your Information

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

YMMV - Your Milage May Vary (as in you may find it is not exactly the same for you...)

and of course, 'just my 0.02' is just my two cents worth...



Thank you Kevin and Dude,

I will print it and keep the sheet right beside my computer

:):D (LOL)

Math :D

I just might take you up on that offer of a guided ride of your area one of these days. I'm not sure if I could keep up though, I've ridden with enough French-Canadians to know that you guys are crazy!

Hey - wouldn't it be great to put together a T-Talk ride on the Canadian side? Quebec would be awesome, it's kinda central and not too far for Ontarians,East Coasters and lots of the Eastern-seaboard U.S. boys as well. It would REALLY be like visiting a different country for any Americans that made it, and I just know for sure that they would LOVE the nightly entertainment (and the beer)! :) Definitely something to think about.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

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