440cc~Vortex ignition dyno runs posted

I used a Gore 97mm piston with the stock stroke.

I did the porting myself and KMPI did a serdi valve job.

I believe the big bore kit is in the 350~400$ range.

Recreating the head mods would be around 200~250$.

After I do the baseline run I am going to play with the stroker business, big valves, and a custom stroker cam.


looks like 51+ hP@ 8500 RPM on Nutec and an amazing 50 hp on pump fuel, these are huge #'s for pump gas and make the $16.00/gal nutec seem like a waste really (IMHO) with those #'s comming from pump gas I would be extremely happy!

My next thought would be that the nutec may have a little too much octane and actually be harming those #'s ? and I would almost try a mixture of nutec and pump gas just for giggles? Now I really want to know which stroker kit you used (Poweroll) ? and where I can get the same work done to my head that you did? Do have total cost analysis and #'s for this engine? I am EXTREMELY interested in doing this same work to my machine! I love the fact that all the power comes WAY before the rev limiter which means you dont have to beat the engine to death to get huge power to the ground! thanks for posting this data! Thank YOU!

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