installing new cams, shimming questions

Okay, i have two new hot cams and im kinda lost on how to start. what size shim should i start with? and can i shim them with the cyl. head off the bike? thanks.

You could install them with the cylinder head off the bike, but that would make your timing chain impossible install, if its a timing chain worth using.

use your old shims to get a base measurement. Make sure to use a torque wrench when you tighten your cam caps, you will smoke check the cam, cap and the journals in the head if you dont. Trust me, you dont ant to do that. Your manual should run you thru installig a new cam. good luck.

Why would the head be off?

The clearance can be checked and adjusted with the head off but the cams have to be removed to access the head bolts and to install the timing chain. If you do set the clearance on the bench, be sure to recheck it once the head is torqued down correctly.

Sart with the shims you've got. If you've got a 426 and they were for your stock cam, you will have some pretty good gap-osis, as the HotCams cams have a slightly smaller base circle than the stock Yamaha parts. If that doesn't work, start with no shims and measure what you've got. It can get kinda pricey buying shims for trial and error, though, so maybe talk to the mechanic at your local shop and see if he'll do some shim swappin' for you.

well the head is off because i was gettting some new valves put in it. I guess ill just try it with the shims that are in it from the stock cams and see where im at. thanks for the input.

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