wr450 ignition light on after start help

hi anybody had this problem with there bikes when i press the ignition switch on the light goes on as normal but stays on when the bike is started

The light is supposed to go out when the stator is generating power. Put a voltmeter on the battery with the bike off, take a reading. Start the bike and rev it up, does the voltage rise? If so, the stator is OK and probably the circuitry in the on/off switch is kerfluwy (danger-tech term).

thank mate i have tried a meter and the volts do not rise so you think its the stator not working also swoped switch no different

Stator, rectifier/regulator, bad wire or connector possibly. Get you manual out and begin the troubleshooting steps.

yep found the problem wire burnt out on the rectifier reconected it back up and works as good as new thanks for your help so simple to do but it had me stressed for weeks thanks again

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