ThumperTalk Ride In SE Pennsylvania, June 14/15.

We will be having the second annual ThumperTalk ride in SE Pennsylvania. Last year we had about 8 guys from 3 states and hope to see more of you here, this year.

This is not a big event with many goings on (we're actually going to do that next year) it's just a couple of days riding with old and new ThumperTalk friends and a couple of nights of bench racing, bike wrenching and beer drinking.

We'll be riding Rausch Creek and also have Tower City available.

There is a motel very near my house (1 mile) Budget Host Inn 717-755-1068. They have rooms at reasonable rates ($40-55) and there is fast food, Denny's and fuel (94 octane) within walking distance.

If you'd like more info email me at


i will be there on the 14th. are we going to rausch creek on that day?

Unless a nasty act of by God/Satan/Wife/Employer...I'll be there.

Be prepared, I have had ZERO time on the bike this year(read as TOTALLY out of shape).

I am on 12 hour days/ 7 days a week until early June... :)

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Unless I have a problem at work I expect to be there. Fred


Glad you can make it for the day, yes we're going to RC.


I'll see ya here, coming Thursday....right?


Might as well order the EMM jetting, we can make re-jetting your bike an annual affair :):D:D:D


Hope you can make it to the house for a cold one.


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I'll definitely be there that weekend. Looking forward to a fun weekend of riding! Thanks for hosting the event, Bill.

Any other East Coasters should try to attend, especially if you've never been to Rausch Creek before. We had a blast last year both on the track, trail, and at Bill's house.

I will try to make it providing nothing come's up between now and then.I have an old friend from high school who live's in Texas now and race's hare sramble's down there.He's coming up in june and bringing a bunch of his riding buddie's,they call themselve's the "Texas Delegation".We're gonna show them a good time.I'll have to make sure it's not the same weekend.Mcarp i'm only 1hr 30min. from you in southern ohio maybe we could hook up and ride before then we've got some good riding down here in Wayne national forrest,or i can come up to your area i'm alway's looking for a new place to ride.Also if your interested we could make the trip together to Pa. let me know.





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Hey Bill-

Yep, I'll probably buzz into town Thursday afternoon. I'm going to *try* to drive to Virginia and work for a couple of days in our office there since it's so close, and I can write off the mileage :):D to boot.

Evil- (funny calling someone that)- Sure I ride Wayne about 5-6 times a year. Mostly the Athens district stuff, haven't been down to Ironton yet. I recently hooked up with Sean McCutheon on this site also in Columbus-he knows a great group of guys I've been riding with lately. All my usual buds are either injured, changed strictly to MX, or just had kids and are out of the scene for awhile. We should all definitely hook up. I know my May is kinda shot with other stuff...too bad.

There's not a lot of riding in Columbus except a couple of MX tracks; S and E Oh is where all the good riding is. It's mostly flat here-what's the fun of that?

Send me an email sometime at

BOOYAA, looking forward to the SE PA ride!

Anyone else coming to SE PA for the Eastern TT ride at Rausch Creek?

Me and a buddy will be driving down. Let the roosting begin .......

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