White Bros Pipe

White Bros Pipe

      11/14/02 02:39 PM

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I am interested in installing a White Bros E-Series S Bend Pipe on my '02 WR426F. I ride here in SoCal @ 4,000'-6,000' usually.

Will I need to rejet, if so, what set up would be recommended?

Thanks for any insight...


Depends... What are you runnin now? Stock pipe? Unplugged or uncorked? If it's uncorked, and everything is jetted correctly for that, then you're probably pretty close already. You might have to go up a size or two on the main and call it good. If it's plugged up and you haven't done any jetting from stock, than it may take a bit more, ie one or two sizes up on the pilot, 3 to 4 on the main. Find out what others in your area run and start there.

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