Bullet Proof Engine

Is it me or does Yamaha have an awesome engine with no mechanical issues. I ask this since I've been searching all the 08 450's threads & no one hardly has anything to say bad about the engines reliability. I currently have a KTM 250 xc 2 stroke, & possibly getting a 450 in the near future. It seems Honda has the dreaded valves, I had an 03 & feared the valves evertime I went riding. Is there any complaints on the 08 YZF 450's engine reliability?

I have an 07. I know its not what year you are asking about but knock on wood, no problems here. Been very reliable and aside from a few hiccups when I first bought it, it has been a great bike. I am set on getting a 2009 when they come out or first part of spring next year. That is if it can afford it. May be transferring to Oklahoma soon.

There are, of course, failures of many different kinds, but they are rare, and almost always involve older bikes with time on them. What there is not is a pattern of any one or more things being problematic, like the valve trouble in the earlier CRF's, for example. There is a solid overall record of reliability that rises nearly to the level usually only seen with sundials and driveways, and there are in fact cars on the road that aren't as reliable.

The Yamahas are great bikes and have very few issues. Esp with the valve train. I love mine, and if they dont deliver in 2010 with efi or something big, its gonna be hard for me to away from them. I've owned them since 99, best bikes ever. I'd rather have a bike thats super reliable and you have to work at turning on then have a bike that turns great and you have to rebuild all the time

I love my bikes ,regular oil changes valve adjusts and your golden ,never left me stranded

My yamahas have been great. Regular oil changes, clean air filters every ride and so far no trouble. Knock on wood..

I've been through the honda abortion. Will not go back. I'm not sorry for saying that either.

Valves still good after almost every weekend of riding for 2 1/2 years.

The bikes keep getting better every year.

Hopefully will be getting a new 09 WR soon.

Clean, oil, point, shoot, clean, oil, point, shoot, clean, oil, point, shoot....

Cool, I didn't want to have to keep thinking when the valves were going to fail. I just want a 4 stroke where I can ride & maintence & have fun.

You can't go wrong with the 08 YZ 450. aside from its reliability is seems to be on top of every podium in our sport.

Moto, SX, Super Moto.

Blue is kicking BUTT in 08.

08 wr-250 f rock solid not one problem over 3500 miles of hard use.Took a bit of set up when new to make it how I wanted it(do your suspension right after you break it in trust me) EFI in 2010 anybody have a guess?

i wouldn't call them bullet proof, but definatly bullet resistant. i have an 03 model that i have rode the wheels off of. and never had an issue. the worst part about these bikes is the fact that they rattle like a diesel truck !!! it kinda makes you paranoid sometimes but just gag it and you'll forget all about the chink chink chink sounds:ride:

i wouldn't call them bullet proof, but definatly bullet resistant. i have an 03 model and have rode the wheels off of it and never had a single issue. the worst part about these bikes is the fact they rattle like a diesel truck. just gag it and you will forget all about the chink chink chink noise.


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