49t or 51t

I am getting conflicting answers here. I ride a 2006 YZ450f motocross only 90% deep sand.

Also o-ring or non o-ring?

I have an O-ring now and I have never had to adjust it and it has over 60hrs on it.

Regina ORN6 O-ring chain.

I don't know about 51, but 50 sounds good. Depends on you and on the track.

60 hours and you didnt have to adjust the chain.Thats longer than the top end last on most Hondas.

Why would you even consider going to a standard chain?

I ride mainly deep sand tracks and ive just put a 52 rear and stayed with 13 up front to see how it goes, I was running 49 on rear but it needed way more bottom end I found, probably because the track is usually really wet

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