I just had a bad experience with MAW motor accessory warehouse and FEDEX. I would not ever buy any thing from MAW or ever send n e thing fedex. The store send my stuff out ok. The first problem was they told me everything was in stock. But my rad gaurd werent after all. Then It took fedex 2 weeks to deliver it. I had to call them to get it. They said they put it on my front porch and pretty much called me a lier. The next morning the packages were there. And both companys gave me nothing but crap the whole time.

It is good that you can come here and report your experiences, and ti vent a bit of steam...

Somedays, it seems like no-one knows what customer service means... Sometimes I wonder why I bother paying people money to not do things for me... but then I have a good experience and it helps to balance it all out...

I think my personal 'pet hate' is e-mails that go unanswered...


MAW filed bankruptcy after they charged my credit card $90.00 AND NEVER DELIVERED ANYTHING.

I did as MAW informed me >> talk to MY CC (Chase) and try and get the money back...


My CC said &%$#@!(?)

So MAW is $90.00 richer and I got squat out of it.

They ARE on my $hitlist.

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