Murphy's Law Weekend

OK, knew I was in for trouble this weekend when I went to load on Saturday morning and found a blown fork seal. Replaced and now running 3 hours late I take off for the meet.

Last loop of the day, I wash out in some sand and the bike falls over and breaks the clutch lever clean off. We try rigging a vise grip and some cable ties but no leverage. Twelve miles back to the car, so I click it up to neutral, start, roll it to get some speed up and then drop her into first for a slow crawl home through the woods.

With no clutch, I have no option but to hit the technical sections with some speed. I bounce off a few trees and take another digger. Same starting procedure and try to pick better lines next time.

Here's the question, after replacing the clutch lever and cable (vise grips mucked up the head), what do I need to check on the transmission? If this happens again are there any other trailside repairs besides whittling a new clutch lever out of a pine tree?

Any suggestions appreciated....


1999 WR400 with custom clutch lever

custom pine sap deposits

If you were changing gear carefully without overrevving the engine and stressing the gearbox there should be no problem whatsoever.

Some people carry spare levers (brake and clutch)!

I wouldnt worry about it.

:) I Wouldn't worry too much about shifting without the clutch, Apart from setting off, I almost never use the clutch to shift, I NEVER (touch wood) had a tranny problem, bike boxes are strong so long as you are not trying to shift flat out without lifting you should have no problems,

Take a spare lever and perch with you, they take up no room to speak of and could have made things a lot easier :D

Purchase a set of GYT-R Aluminum Bark Busters with the Tripple Clamp mounts and you won't have to worry about breaking levers again....


Bonzai :)

[ May 06, 2002: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

Thanks for the support, I have Acerbis handguards on the bike and have never lost a lever before. I'm going at lunch to pick up a replacement lever and cable (and a spare!) :)

Anyone using a combo clutch/decompression lever like a works connection?

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