Woo new skidplate/rad guards

We ordered the unabiker guards for my friend's '04 WR450F and the TT skid plate.

Also some nice skidplate foam to keep too much mud out of there. The one rad was tweaked already so we had a bugger of a time lining one side up, but after some shoving and cursing we got it all together! Also threw in a Piaa Super Plasma bulb in there for some dusk/dawn riding.





Sorry the colour is all wonky, He had the camera on the indoor/incandescent setting. I fixed it a bit but there she is!

i installed both the same on my 07, very nice stuff

And a brand new rear tire!:thumbsup:

You are now ready for battle.:ride::rant:

Definitely. The unabiker rad guards are amazingly strong! Cant imagine the crash that would bend those.

I hope the rear tire is good. Maxxis IT rear.

I put the same rear on my GasGas FSE450 with a Maxxis SI front.

I've got the same stuff. I changed out the hex heads for stainless buttom head allens, I think it looks a little better than the hex heads, and may not hang up as easlily on rocks.

Good idea!

Rad guards look sharp!:eek:

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