Broken clutch cover

I was doing a hill climb this morning and smacked my clutch cover into a rock. Not good. I'm looking for a new cover. Used or aftermarket.

Any info would be appreciated.

P.S. The cover is not especially weak, I just hit really, really HARD. Unfortunately, I also broke my big toe. (Ouch!)


cant help ya on the part,BUT... see latest in case saver tech. on the DRZ page of this site about 10-20 days ago. these guy's are gearing up for the same parts to fit the 400,426 and 250f I'll have prototypes on my 426 by next week and photos will be posted. Good luck.

CHeck the YZ426 discussion. There's a used clutch cover going for $20. It's a post about used parts.

I think you can get a magnesium one from pro-cuircut.

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