Fork seals!


had a leaking left forkseal and did a search here on TT - and found all the answers I wanted :) .

I did the filmtrick, i.e using a piece of film/plastic and scraping between the forkleg and the seal. I am not sure that the leak is cured, but time will tell. I did compress the forks and there were some oil on the leg, but somewhere I read that to be normal and everything would be ok after some use - is this true?

Antoher tip were to pack the dustseals with grease!! I have nothing to loose :D so I did this too. But now I am wondering, because everytime I compress the forks/suspension there is a thin coat of grease left on the forklegs.

This cant be good!

Dust and crap will get stuck in the grease and get clogged up at the dustseal and then start to move further up, into the forkseals.

Did I do it wrong or is this just some "stupid" tip that I fell for :D .

Comments please I am probably going to order the Factory Connection forkseals (at $45 to Sweden :D ) and a pair of sealsavers. Things are getting expensive :D .

See ya,


My luck was just about the same this weekend. I rode so hard I blew out both of my fork seals on my last 25 mile lap of the day. I have been nursing my left fork seal for a couple of months now. I have never had any luck with the film method but I have had good success with using a 004 feeler gauge blade and a can of break parts cleaner. I usually have to go around the seal a couple of times until I get all the sand out from between the fork and the seal (I couldn't feel the sand with a fiece of film but can with the feeler gauge. This time I'm just going to break down and replace both the seals and dust covers as it's been a year since my re-valve and I've been riding them pretty hard.

Bonzai :)

I think the grease/film/feeler gauge tricks are just stopgap measures to buy you a little time before you actually have to change the seal. I did all 3 and it gave me about another month before I had to change the seals. But, when it was all said and done, changing the fork seals was a lot easier than I expected it to be. I should have done it sooner.

Now I think it's time to deal with the shock on my bike. I'm sure it at least needs new oil and a nitrogen recharge. Now that's something I'm not looking forward to doing.

I never had any luck with the film slide to get the sand or whatever out, so I has the seals done and the owner/mechanic says it's usuallly not the debris that makes them leak, it's a burr on the fork leg caused by roost hitting it,(I know theres fork guards there, but he said after I asked that roost coming out of corners will get the angle), and when the burr slides past the seal it rips it and it is done for. So before the seals are installed he lightly machines the legs, removing the burrs.........Thats my story folks!!!!

the shock is easier than the forks IMO, because there is only one shock (instead of 2 forks) Once you take it apart I think you will agree. Later,



You need to tell your owner/mechanic friend that well uhmmm, his mechanic skills need some tuning. The "Normal" cause of seal spitting/leaking is sand granuals getting between the rubber seal and the felt plug. If you change the seals everytime one leaks then you have way too much money to burn. As I said earlier I had major leakage from my forks from this past weekend...After cleaning my Mud ravaged bike and inspecting the forks I found a couple of "Chunks" of mud between the seals, again....a 004 feeler gauge and a can of "Brake Parts Cleaner" and the leaks have stopped...This time I'm gonna buy a set of Long Seal Savers to protect them. I did pick up another set of seals, but no reason to tear down the forks quite yet, just add a little oil back to the forks.

There is alot of good info on this board that can save you alot of money in "Dealer Repair Cost's"...

Good Luck...

Bonzai :)

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