2002 WR throttle stop the same?

Just picked up a '02 WR426 on Friday.

I am now finally getting around to taking the stop out. I've heard that now it's not necessary to take the carb apart for the new ones, that it's under the black cover on the side. But I've also heard you still do. What's the truth? Anyone have pics?

Must have more throttle...

Thanks in advance

Twist carb base towards exhaust, remove plastic cover, remove t-stop & install new one, Viola!


Just did this to my new WR.

Remove the black cover on the right side. You'll see a black allen cap head bolt that goes from the the bottom of the throttle wheel. I think it was a 3mm head, I used a T-allen wrench and took mine out. Cut it to 24mm overall, and screw it back in with locktite. Vola, you will have full throttle!

Is there a YZ part number to replace it?

And is it 24mm from where the threads start, or end to end?

Thanks again.

23-25mm End to End. I cut mine in ten sec with a hacksaw blade, and touched it up with a file.

Took maybe 5 minutes. Mine was right at 25mm End to end, and my slide hangs down into the throttle bore less than .010", so I'd cut to 24 if I were you.

Wasn't even worth picking up the YZ thottle stop...

Take the carb off the bike and while looking in the throat open the slide (watch out because gas squirts out) notice how the slide goes up half way by the throttle stop. Now remove the throttle stop and start trimming (little bit at a time). Re-install the throttle stop and move the slide. Keep doing this until the slide just barely clears the throat. Put a drop of red lock tight on the threads of the throttle stop, tighten up, and that’s it.

Good luck.


I went 21 mm from base/head bolt to end

Throttle slide now just barely hanging down

into air pathway.

when u say right side do u mean right side of the motor or right side of the carb when looking at it from the left side of the bike..

ISBB - It's on the right side of the card if your on the same side the kick starter is.

just follow the throttle cables down to the carb

take off the black "Hard" plastic piece and the

bolt is on the back side nearest the air filter.

just unscrew it and start trimming a a little at a time.

ok ill look... thanks... u guys suggest 24mm from end to end right...

just trim it till the bottom of the slide is

near the top when you have the throttle turned all the way open.

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