radiator stop leak

Hi ya all,

I just bought a 2003 wr450 and (due to being ripped off a treat :thumbsup: , new thread coming soon!!!) my left radiator leaks a little,I'm thinking of using this http://www.pttp.co.uk/bike-line/bike-radiator-stop-leak.php

Is it okay to use or am i better dragging it out and saving for a new rad ??

I'm just scared it may wreck the water pump or something.

All I want is a Yamaha reliable bike,

Any advice is great ,



Do not use that stuff. Fix the bike right. It can clog up the engine and make a total nightmare occur.

You can get Fluidyne radiators for cheaper than stock rad's, and they will keep the bike cool much better.

Here is the TT store catalog page:


If you don't want to pay for new rads, you can have them fixed at Mylers for a fraction of the cost. They have fixed hundred's for rads of people here on TT, have a 1 day turnaround time, and are supposedly very reasonably priced. They can supposedly straighten rads, fix leaks, anything!

Here is a TT review of them:


And their site:


Cost should be WELL under $100.

stop leak is for emergency's on a crappy vehicle you don't even like .

Even with international shipping, Myler's may be cheaper than new. Their work is first class!

Yeah, I would first dig around and see if anyone local can fix it up for you. If not, look for used on eBay and TT classifieds, etc. Stopleak is for turdball hoopty cars!

Stop leak is definately not bad. Get a cellulose fiber type stop leak, its made from wood pulp I think.

I CANNOT think of a single car manufacturer that doesnt include stop leak in the factory fill of antifreeze. I run it in my motorcycle because it just might save my ass in the woods one day.

Do not get any other type of stop leak then cellulose fiber, or it will cause you headaches

You probly should get it fixed by a rad shop, but for a temp repair and preventative maintenance stop leak is great

Thanks for all the replies ,

I dont think I'm going to use that stuff , I think it'll be a false economy, I'm just doing a complete rebuild of the engine and to mess it up now would be so bad.

I'll have a look around a bit more for a repair, just i called one repairer and they said the core cant be fixed but i see it can by the photos from mylers.

I can find loads of second hand right radiators with the cap but no left ones , is there a reason for this , are wr's left heavy when you fall off lol :thumbsup:

Thanks again for the replies


LOL, I think because people who fall are not in their 'Right' mind..... Or perhaps it is because of that age old debate, Right brain/Left brain stuff. I fall over backwards, pretty much a no brainer!

I dont know about UK but here in OZ we have a couple of radiator repairers that do great work on broken, leaking trashed bike radiators. Check this link


Im sure you should be able to find one close to home.

good luck

Thanks for the links guys , :thumbsup:

Will those 2006 rads fit on my 2003 ??

If so that would sort the problem for sure.

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