Have a friend that has a DRZ400 enduro and also another friend that has a DRZ400 SM.

They were wondering about setting sags on each to see if springs are right for them.

I know on my KTM the static should be 40mm and racer 115mm, what about the DRZ'S for some off road riding in Florida and maybe some Ga riding.

don't use the KTM specs, they are different due to their PDS system. if the DRZ's have the same rear travel that MX bikes have, take 95-105mm rider sag with 10-25mm static sag. if they have less rear travel devide the travel through 3.3 - thats your sag with rider

thanks for the info

I set the DRZ's up with 25mm free/85-90mms rider sag.


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