I just bought a 2007 XR650L, a few questions

Well, I pulled the trigger. I think the bike will pay for itself just in gas savings. I sure hope I can keep it in the 50 MPG range. If anyone has thoughts please let me know. I've heard that stock they can do better than 50 and most of my commute is very mellow, around 50 MPH.

I couldn't bring the bike home today. I'm pretty ticked. I threw my back out this morning pretty good, I'm not sure if I'll be able to go to the St. Louis Supercross tomorrow night, and I have great seats. :ride:

Does anyone know if my XR400 Excel rims will lace up to the 650 hubs? I have brand new Excels, and I'd love to use them since they are black and would look real nice. I'd probably powder coat my hubs too. I'm also wondering if the buchanon spokes would work or if I'd need to order new. I guess I can call Buchanon on that one.

Right now the bike is bone stock, 1600 miles, ready for me to add many more to it. I don't plan on doing much to it right away because I have to get rid of my XR400 first, and I have to get my CRF250X back in trail form, it's still being put back together but that's a whole other story.

So, I'll try to keep it down, but I know I'll have lots of questions. :thumbsup:

Hey there, congrats on the bike. This is the place to find your answers, only I'm sorry to say I don't know the answer to your hub question. I bet someone else will though!

Congrats. As far as the MPG goes, 50 MPG at the speeds you're talking about is very do-able. I have a Dynojet kit with the 160 main jet, stock exhaust can, modded air box, Uni filter and ground headpipe welds. With the stock 15/45 gears and riding at 60-65 mph speeds, I've been getting 48-50 mpg consistently. I would not expect too much more, given the engine size.


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