1980 xr200 CLEAN: What is it worth?

1980 XR 200 It shows 2,000 miles on the odometer. Original everything and in great shape. Tank is perfect, with a little wear on the side covers. Runs awesome too.

I have a chance to buy it for $750:ride: Troy

sounds about right

If you are looking for a better deal you could show up with $500 cash and see what the seller says, but $750 sounds about right since it's so clean.

Thats it, I'm buying it. It looks like it time warped from 1980. :thumbsup:

Go get that baby, have fun.


Can you post pics after you get it? 'nutcase

I have a pic now but I can't post it here. I can e-mail it for someone to post

That sounds like a good deal.

Get a photobucket account and post the photos there.

Then post a link on TT.

Or add the photos to your "My Garage."

I put a pic in the garage. Check it out. Troy in Tahoe

WOW, it looks great, Nice find!!!!!!

Found it wayyyyy out in Coleville California. Nothing but cattle and trout streams out there. Cleanest 1980 ever.

I always have crappy luck finding clean bikes like yours. It seems someone always beats me to them. LOL

That bike is clean! If you don't want it, send me a PM.


WOW that thing is cherry! I guarantee you it will run practically forever with basic maintenance. Have fun! :thumbsup:

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