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D.I.Y Powder Coat

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Hi. This might be of some use to those addicted to farkling their DR.

I found this out by experimentation and have given it a 6 month test, all good so far.

It`s tough and looks good

I made some aliminium brackets for 1 of the trucks at work and the driver wanted them powder coated to match, was going to take 3 weeks to get them back.this was way too long:mad: . My brother inlaw is a electrition and suggested to me that they use a urethane sealer/ insulator as a primer on some of the out door equipment they service. It`s also for insulating motor windings. Urethane is the stuff that is used to glue cars together so it`s tough and lasts.

So lets have a go and see what happens. Ali bracket, Primed with urethane (spray can $15), left for 1/2 hour and painted black (spray can $10), left for 1 hour and given 2 coats of urethane (takes about 24 hours to dry). After 120000Kms on the front of the truck they still look as good as when they were put there. Only thing wrong that I can see is that the urethane can MUST be tipped upside down and squirted CLEAN:naughty: , `cause it sticks like s#*t to a blanket and you have to throw it away:foul: . Also its a satin finish.

In NZ it`s a CRC product available at most auto parts stores and electrical suppliers stores.

Just done the brackets for my LED indicators and rack, post pics tomorrow when fitted.

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