kx65 mods for 7 year old. mx and trail use???

My son has moved from a pw 50 to a crf50 to a ktm 50 senoir adventure and is ready for something more although the seat height a 25.6 s great and the auto transmision is nice too. He wants a kx65, I have read some threads stating the seat height can be lowered pretty easily and I figure a z start from rekluse will remidy the automatic part for now. I also read by putting a washer in the end of the exhaust it will restrict the power enough to make a smooth transition. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

What I have not found is how to modify the bike slightly for trail use. We ride more than half of the time MX but also do a fair amount of trail riding... Any suggestions...

Thanks So Much!

T. Harte

P.s. as a side note if anyone is from the northeast, do you now if Ubridge MX park(in Uxbridge Mass.) is open and if so what's there schedule? Any other similar tracks near ct.???

you could get a fly wheel weight - that'll smooth out the power

not 100% sure they make one for the 65, but they should

and theres a track in CT called rocky hill, its near the ny border

My son is the same age and graduated from a CRF50 with a manual clutch.The transition in terms of the clutch and gears were no issue as he had been riding the Honda with a manual clutch since 5yrs old.The power of the RM65 was another story.The power and hit of the power band were frankly scary as hell:eek: .After jumping on it myself and experiencing it I simple didn't question his unwillingness to get on it.This being said, he is now enjoying the bike and these are the things that made a difference.First I slid the fork legs down as far as they could go.Next I installed Kuboda lowering links. The first session out, after a full rebuild this winter, a washer between the head and exhaust measuring 1.5" for the outside diameter and 3/4" for the inside were installed.It has made a huge difference in terms of illiminating the sudden and abrupt hit of the powerband which would be all but useless except, maybe on the track.

Further things to make this bike more trail friendly have been a glide plate and hand guards.I have included a few picks of the bike towards the end of the build.BrandonsNewRide008.jpg


I'll include current pics in a few days showing the links and other things that have been installed.I encourage and warn you not to let him on the bike until the washer is installed and he can reach the ground.The lack of a washer on the first ride out almost resulted in my son never wanting to get on the bike again.He is now producing big rooster tails :thumbsup: and having fun with it because he can feel the power coming on rather then a sudden explosion of power which would scare most riders; including myself and I have ridden almost everything imaginable since 7yrs of age.

Run a search. There is a thread about using a washer with a smaller ID between the pipe and cylinder. It will prevent the bike from coming on pipe. Once he gets used to it you can open the hole a bit more at a time.

Flyheel weight, lowering link and bar risers also.

wow, this is why I love this site! Thanks to all for the information and I will follow your advise pgbutler!

I am from the RI/Ma line. If i remember right, the track was closed. I may be wrong though. I used to ride that area frequently. Before they built the bike path, there used to be whooptee-doo's that went on for miles and brought you into RI. There are alot of trails off of that bike path. I moved to Florida about 7-8 months ago, so things could have changed.

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