Done with the 250f makeover!!!

after a bill of 1400 bucks im finally done with my bikes makeover. tell me what ya think. I got my team graphics comin in soon also.






nice man

looks good. i love the black rims.

what was done besides black rims and handguards? its hard to tell if you changed the exhaust or not.

Rebuilt suspension and forks by TDC. New front and back wheel bearings, New front and back wheel spacers, New tires, New bars and grips, New chain and sprockets, New brake pads, New front Axle, New shock linkage bearings, and a few odds and eds here and there

I cant get up,I am sportin a tent"!!!As long its a Yami.Good work!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahahah thanks

i just put a bump seat on it too

Nice bike.


I thought that you were getting blue hubs.

Looks good though. :thumbsup:

i was gonna but i was in a press for time, and i wanted to get it done and back together ya know?

Looks awesome.

Sweet man, now you gotta break it in at MM Sunday!

haha i wish i could, i havent touched a bike sense my wreck in sept. i think im gonna head to my land tomorrow and start on my track

turned out really nice

thanks. ill get some other pics tomorrow in the sun

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