TT FRC MX help

I just installed my New Frc From TT on my 2008 drz400 sm. The Bike Dies when you punch the throttle but runs good if you ease in to it. I set it up they way it said too. 160 main jet, 200 main air jet, EMN neddle clip 3, 45 pilot jet, and fuel screw 2 turns out

My elevation is 1580 feet. and I have a full yoshi RS2 and a 3x3 mod

Any Ideas?????

Happens only when riding or when you nail it from idle on the stand?

Did you do the O-Ring mod?


and i havnt done the Oring mod yet

The O-ring mod works wonders. You also may be a tad rich on the needle.


i will try the O ring mod tomorrow and see what happens

just stick to 1 forum.

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