motor swap problems

I locked up the transmission in my old motor.

I bought a new bottom end off ebay.

I have everything back in my bike except the magnito/ starter stuff.

my new bottom end is from a kick start only model, and my starter gears, and

rotor will not fit on the crank shaft. is there a way to make this work or do i have to buy a new rotor, and make this bike kick start only??

my case numbers are k416-10354

nope,the left crank shaft half is different.

you would need a rotor,stator and stator cover from a kicker.

I believe you will need the starter clutch and stator rotor & cover off a kicker model for it to work. but you wont be able to use the starter:banghead: unless you change the crank half on the stator side to a E or S model crank thats alot of work:excuseme: hope you get it going soon good luck:thumbsup:

Hi Eddie, you beat to to it? Take Care

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