My New 08 YZ450F DRD pipe

Hey guys thought i would share some pictures of my new bike.



Dr.d ti exhuast

JD jet kit

uni filter

Renthal R3 oring chain

The bike is awsome. This is my first thumper and i love the low end power. everything about the bike seem crisp and nible to me on the trails.

Im concerned about the jetting though. Im using a 48 pilot red needle from kit in clip 4 and a 168 main jet zip ty fuel screw at about 1.175 out. My elevation is about 900 feet. The bike has awsome power down low and mid. up top seems ok but it seems like its should be pulling a lot harder up top. Im not sure if i need to bump up on the main or not. i do have a 170 and i might put it in and see if there is a better gain up top.

Anotherthing is its not so easy to start cold. When choked i have to have the throttle cracked to start it up which is not safe. Im not sure if its becuase im not pumping the gas enough bofore start or if i need to adjust my idel Or becuase its a new bike.

I did look in the sticky thread of everyones fuel jetting but i cant seem to find anyone at 0-1000 feet running a drd pipe.

any input would be much appreciated.

The pipe looks great on there. I was thinking about the Dr. D Ti on my 07, I hadnt seen pics of one on a bike yet though.


Nice bike, I have an 07 white yz 450. Elev. I ride is about the same, 0-1500 feet. I have an FMF Q4, 165 main, 45 pilot, needle clip 4th position. Bike runs awesome and starts when cold on first or second kick. You shouldn't give the bike any throttle at all when kicking, it has an accelerator pump and will lock up or kick back. I usually give two full twists of throttle then kick with choke on when cold.

Opening the throttle slightly off idle on a cold start is not especially dangerous, particularly in neutral. But try less priming before starting cold. Having to use a little throttle often indicates the need for extra air to balance an excess of fuel. Then again, my '03 was always that way as long as I owned it.

I think my cold starting issues is just me now. I started the bike up today with choke and one pump and it fired right up.

I took my bike out for a ride last night with some friends. I taped a surefire flash light to my fender and did some 2 track riding. My friends noticed on decel i was poping flames all the time which looks cool but im not sure if its a tuning issue or just the a new pipe burning in.

My 07 with a WB AlumProII had some pretty crazy decel popping that went away after the first couple rides...

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