bar tweaking issue

so, everytime i crash, fall over, or do anything but stay on the rubber, the bars get tweaked and i have to go and loosen the clamp mounts (underneath the top triple clamp) and bang the wheel into somthing solid to get hte bars straight again. this is very annnoying, because at the very least i will fall in a corner once everytime i go to the track. anyone else have that problem? any advice? its to the point that im about ready to spend the $225 for a new protaper top triple clamp.

buy it .they work well.

Just get the bar clamp from Pro Circuit, 100 bucks, sure fixed the problem for me.

Had the same problem. Bought the protaper rubber mount top clamp. Works perfect, and has a ton of adjustability.

Another option is the Universal top clamp on eBay for $20 plus shipping. I got one for ~$40 shipped a couple weeks ago from that seller.

alright, thanks for the replys

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