05 Yz250 Rebuild

Starting tonight.. Thought about making a thread involving pictures and in depth step by step process on doing a top end on these bikes, for some of you who are doing this for a first time.. Ill post as i go along..:thumbsup:

I tried to do this too but I forgot to take the pics so there was big gaps, haha. We definitely need one, as mine is kind of lame.

yea i just saw urs lol, sometimes it hard to stop and take pics when your on a roll.. i read urs, very interesting rebuild

I am very interested in seeing these pics and getting your step by step instructions. I have an 05 and it will need a new top end shortly. I have never rebuilt a top end but have heard it isn't that tough but some good step by step instructions would make it a whole lot easier. :thumbsup::ride:

thats why i want to do it.. i remember searching frantically back in the day trying to find help like this.. im gonna do one for the 125, 250f, 450f, 600(xr) and a 150f in the future as well

jjust check this thread out tommorow and everything should be up

I did a topend rebuild (new rings anyway) last Thurday, new chain, clutch cable, throttle cable and fork seals today riding tomorrow. If I had to take photo's and explanations it would take to long.

The manual is very clear on this proceedure.

Good luck if you have the time.

well have to take a timeout.. just found out i forgot to order the gaskets for the reed stack.. oops

I will be waiting....anxiously. :thumbsup:

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