Kx100 mods?

What mods should i do to my kx100 to make that thing race ready?

What kind of race? Hare scramble? Motocross? :thumbsup:

the usual...

pipes, reeds, handguards, suspension, launch control if you want

these bikes dont need much

Save your $ on hardware, and get your suspension setup correctly for your weight and riding ability!! That's the first thing I'd do to that bike, and after you race a couple times on the new suspension, decide if your gearing is correct. After you become an accomplished racer, ya might find it advantageous for you to add a pipe or other mod. :thumbsup:

Good Luck!

My $.02

Good luck.

KX 100, very hard to keep running at top power .. They eat cranks and top ends when run really hard. My son raced a KX100 2005, for two years... When they run, wow, tons of power,, Run at mid power levels you can get a full season or more from a stock motor. Run it at top levels,,, and it can be a every few races deal.

Set the suspension up, get it jetted for your track, set the gearing for your rider and track and run it...

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