morrison HS? sunday

I'll be there along with about 4 others...anybody else goin?:thumbsup:

I was hoping to go but I have to work instead.:thumbsup:

I had a blast there last year.

me and the brat will be there ready for a muddy ride.

glad they took the sippy hole out, it will be one big sippy hole tommorow LOL>

Looks like I'll be there now that we aren't having the enduro. Probably bring the boy down too.

Ger, they took out the sippy hole?? They must be getting soft down there.......

I've never been there. What exactly is the sippy hole???

it's a friggin swamp that on a dry day is over your knees. and it sucks I got buried there on the third lap last year, took 30 min to get out with alot of help, and I was in the "easy part".

if our place is any indication, it will be a good day there tommorow, the park was drying excellent toinght.

thanks for the reply. i'm really freaking excited. my bike was running like complete crap at hooppole. got it fixed and look to be back on top in my class. i'll see ya guys there.

They took out the mudhole? That was the funnest part, separated the men from the boys.

they only took out one. the rest were all there and in normal shape~!

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