SLP Power Pack?

I'm running Powernow front and back. Its similar. I couldn't tell you if it did anything as it was on the bike when I got it. Never really cared to experiment with it. I have to say, compared to my 03 without it, it didn't hurt performance.

yea the powernow is a ring that sits in the throat and is held in there all around, the power pack is just two tabs that rest in the throat (using two small tabs to hold it in there).. i was just kinda iffy on them coming loose and getting sucked in..

it was free so might as well try it

OK, I was trying to figure out what it was from the pic but the pic was too small. And that does sound iffy, with only 2 small tabs. Let us know if you notice any difference.

yea will long as it doesnt get sucked into the motor.. ill post pics of it later and see what u guys think..

I ran these in my 250f when i first got the bike. They work loose after a while and loose their alignment with the slide, and when that happens it throws things all off. I dont think they can really get stuck under the slide, the air boot holds pressure on the tabs of the wings. If you got it for free, installation only takes 10 minutes max. Try em out. I noticed slight difference in bottom end on the 250f. I dont think i would buy them for my smoker.

I ran these on my 250f.. I was concerned as well that they may suck in, but when you put them in the carb, they are a tight fit and the motor would have to suck like porn star to pull them in.. Never had a problem with them, but cant say that they made a noticeable difference...

thnx for all the info! yea ill install it and see.. bikes specs--- 05 yz250, Uni Air filter, doing a new top end tonight/tom, v-force 3 reeds, polishing exhaust as well, DEP Pipe, FMF well see how it works out

here it is..what do u think? sits on the engine side of the carb.. tabs up


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