07 450x studdering at 6500 rpm.

I have a 07 450x that i converted to street and got it plated. I tossed the emissions crap, added a power now, cut the air box, cut out my stock baffle and chanced my main jet to a 168 my pilot to a 48 and just dropped in the 05 450r needle with the clip on the 3rd from the top. I have my fuel screw about 2 turns out.

When on the highway at about 6500rpm I am getting a slight hesistation and popping from the exhaust. The bike is only a month old. My opinion is that because the exhaust has no restriction it is leaning the carb out causing the popping. The mechanice at the local shop said it was the needle. I changed the needle last night and the problem is still there. I was thinking if I should drop the clip down another notch?I have ordered an FMF powere core exhaust. I am pretty clueless when it comes to jetting so any help will be apperciated.

Just changed the exhaust. Still popping...

Disconnected the throttle positioning sensor and the popping is gone... Also adjusted my pilot jet. It is now 1/2 turn out.:thumbsup: Now I have to find my stock jet. I still have popping on decell. Do I need the TPS? I called the local shop and they said I can bring it in to get adjusted. Thanks for the help, I would of never guessed it was the tps.:ride:

This is the root of my fustrations...


adjusting it will likely not help.

its a just a glitch in the cdi mapping.it happens on yamaha as well.

i would get the correct pilot jet,leave the tps unplugged and move on with life.

ok thanks

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