Trailtech Vapor, setting '01 400EXC max rev ?

Hi guys,

Don't know where else to look. Can't find it in my owner's manual, or here on TT, and nothing much anywhere in the Interwebz. Am looking for the max (redline, rev limit) of my trusty 2001 400EXC RFS engine. I want to set it on the Trailtech Vapor and cannot find the appropriate answer.

Can anyone here help? :thumbsup:

Thanx. Marc :ride:


I don't know for sure, so take this with a grain of salt, but I believe the red-line on the 01 and 02 400's is in the 10,500 range. I'm sure there are others who know the exact number, but the 10.5K is what I seem to remember my dealer mentioning when it came up in a discussion about the SXF motors and their 14.5K limit.

It may not be exact, but it is a good starting point.


Ahh great Jafche, at least it's a start.

I will set the Vapor to 10000 redline. Don't really need to be up there just trail riding. It makes lots of power everywhere else.

Thanx !!!

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