50 cc wildfire quad smokin exhaust

got a question about my nephews quad. got it out from the winter storage in the garage. changed the oil used 10 w 40 kawasaki 4stroke oil, lubed the air filter with maxima spray on filter oil. still running the original sparkplug. when this thing is idling there is no smoke but when he is winding it out it's leaving a little trail of white smoke. not anything major but still i'm concerned. this quad has about 40 or so hours on it, is it possible that it needs new rings? also the airscrew is 1.5 turns out!!!

way over full on oil?

way over full on oil?

ed i think you may have hit it right on the head. i was not aware the oil level could make them smoke. funny when i was about to change the oil i went to the kawa shop and got the oil, then i went to the owners manual and tried to look for the oil specs, but i was assuming they wouldn't be in there. this being a chinese quad i then called the number i got off the website and talked to the supposed tech, he told me to just add till it came up to full on the dip stick. me being somewhat mechanically inclined told the guy i really didn't like what he was telling me. well i ended up doing the oil change his way since i can't read a chinese service manual, i guess shame on me. thanks for the help ed. now its time to give them another call and do another oil change!

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